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Aureo & Mirele

Filipe Galvon


Esse curta documentário explora a autoidentidade e o gênero pelos olhos de um imigrante brasileiro em Paris, enquanto ele organiza a chegada de uma senhora misteriosa chamada Mirele.

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Filipe Galvon

Filipe Galvon is a Brazilian director based in France.
Born and raised on the working-class suburbs of Rio, he graduated in Journalism with the short experimental film The Pull Over, adapted from Julio Cortazar's novel No se culpe a nadie. In 2011, he published his first book, Animau. He worked as a writer-director for TV before finishing his Cinema studies at University of Paris in 2013, when he settled down in France. As a filmmaker, he directed and collaborated on several short fiction and documentary films, such as Unquiet River and Boulevard Voltaire. Co-produced by French broadcast company Public Senat, Encantado is his first feature documentary, awarded for Best Film in Brasilia International Film Festival.



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