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Analucia Morgan


Marina, uma viúva de 65 anos, quebra seus próprios tabus ao frequentar pela primeira vez uma terapia sexual para descobrir o motivo de seu novo vício.

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Analucia Morgan

Analucía Morgan is a director and screenwriter from Lima, Peru. She began her career as a content producer at a well-known Peruvian television network. In 2017 she studied a Master’s Degree in Film Directing at TAI in Madrid, where she wrote and directed her first short film “Que Los Cumplas Feliz”. Upon returning to Peru, she worked in the biggest production company of her country, TONDERO, in the project development area. In 2020 she premiered her second short film “El Grito” with which she has had more than 16 official selections in international festivals in countries such as Colombia, Mexico, United States, India, Israel, Argentina, Chile, etc. Since 2020 she has been working as an advertising director. At the beginning of 2021, she directed a TV show called “Generación Bicentenario” for TV PERU. She is currently developing her first feature film and two series projects.



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