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Drag You

Nadia Koro, Hadrien Daigneault-Roy, Sascha Cowan


Uma criatura enlutada inicia uma odisseia, memorial ou imaginária, no espaço vazio de um terreno baldio. Sua perambulação pelas margens da cidade o transporta para um afresco habitado por uma infinidade de figuras. Em seu caminho, um vampiro, um corvo metrossexual, um boy do Grindr, uma garota de programa, um ciborgue, uma drag queen e uma stripper burlesca se revezam.

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Nadia Koro, Hadrien Daigneault-Roy, Sascha Cowan

Hadrien Daigneault-Roy

Hadrien Daigneault-Roy is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist based in Berlin, specializing themself in performing arts and dramaturgy.
After completing a university degree in Creative Writing, they graduated in Theatre Studies from the prestigious École Supérieure de Théâtre in Montreal, Canada (2020). In the last five years,
Hadrien has worked as a director as well as a dramaturgical consultant. They have notably worked as a dramaturgy advisor with artists such as René-Daniel Dubois, Jocelyn Pelletier and David-Emmanuel Jauniaux. Hadrien is mainly working in the fields of queer theater, experimental performance, and contemporary dance. They also produced their own performances, both as director and writer. As an artist-creator, they conceived and co-produced the film Drag You, collaborated with the German festival Nation of Gondwana, curated the queer performing arts nights Wide Open (Montreal and Berlin 2019-2023) and directed several shows: Testo Junkie (Théâtre Prospero, Montréal, 2021), BODY HACK (Festival Entr'actes, Montréal, 2021), POSTPORN (Livart, Montréal, 2020), Just the worst time of the year for a revolution (Fringe, Montréal, 2018)

They won several awards and obtained residencies and grants (MAI - Montréal, Arts Interculturels, Montréal Art Council) . Hadrien is interested in queer themes, contemporary drag and reinterpretations of classical authors.

Nadia Koro

After studying political philosophy in Montreal and Paris, Nadia Koromyslova embarked on her passion: documentary cinema. She has been part of the production of documentaries raising important social issues, as well as directing music videos for Quebec independent artists and creations within the Coop la Brique, which she co-founded. She is particularly interested in uchronic narratives and the histories of the vanquished, and has collaborated on several political archive exhibitions with the Anarchives collective, most recently on the history of the 2012 Quebec student strike. In 2023, she joined the production company Terre Innue.

Sascha Cowan

Sascha Cowan is a trans* multidisciplinary artist and craftsperson based in Berlin. Through a degree in Theatre Studies from the École Supérieure de Théâtre in Montreal, they developed a directing practice focused on image theater and performance. They are also a dramaturgy advisor specialized in queer and trans* art. Originally trained in acting, he pursued
his interest for the stage through drag under the name Macbeth. For the past three years, They also focused on costume and set design, as well as running their own costume and accessory line
called [peste_noire]. More recently, they are developing an interest in illustration. In 2018, Sascha Cowan co-founded with Hadrien Daigneault-Roy the company ERRATUM, arts vivants with whom he creates and produces most of his creations.



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